Cool filtering removes certain essential fatty acids through the whisky.

Imagine you are a big brand name, generating a huge number of bottles on a yearly basis. Clientele will anticipate each package getting the identical – such as the colour. But, whisky try an all natural, natural goods. Like fruit and veg, almost always there is some variety in color. Today some manufacturer might put caramel colour assure reliability; and thats okay. But we believe organic variation in color falls under its fictional character, generating each whisky unique and delightful. So we never add any colour, keeping it pure and natural.

What exactly is cool filtration?

Absolutely nothing removed

This method might be used by additional companies to stop whiskies lower than 46% going cloudy in cold temperatures. We never ever chill filter our very own whiskies, while we should hold the taste, as well as the efas, in whisky (also because we bottle at cask energy, not many in our bottles will ever run overcast). This is the reason we describe our whiskies as actually “non chill filtered”.

Why is an era report important?

Total visibility

a years report reveals how much time a whisky was matured for and it is imprinted from the tag, frequently in full age. Whether their young (3 years), or older xcheaters (3 decades), does not mean the whisky was terrible, or great. You could have superb young whiskies, and quite often older whiskies don’t work. Exactly what we believe is important, was openness. That you understand what you’re drinking. Thats really why our containers hold an age report, demonstrably showing how old the whisky is actually.

container concept

Built to end up being shared

We feel whisky is supposed to most probably, discussed and enjoyed. We believe an effective unmarried malt brings family, latest and older, together in talk and lifestyle. So, we developed our bottles to-be like a decanter – intended to be passed away around several company as they enjoy a dram together, and placed in the midst of the dining table while they show their unique feelings.

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Buy a whisky cask

Have you ever wished to have your own cask?

If you want to buy a cask of single malt whisky, we are here to simply help. We’ve many casks, and as a professional dealer, we could source a much wider array.

Along with a range of dimensions and types of casks, there is too much to pick. You might purchase a sizable cask it means a lot of bottles; something such as a butt. Or you might opt for anything small, like an octave, particularly if youare looking for some thing more workable. So we can help with various season profile, both in regards to distillate (distillery attributes and whether or not the brand new make got peated or perhaps not will bearing flavor) plus in terms of cask maturation (either full term maturation or completing in a variety of casks – bourbon, sherry, slot, wine – plenty of option).

If you’re searching to generate your own separate bottling, it is furthermore something we could help you with – from selecting the most appropriate cup bottles, through to developing the tag. Or perhaps you might-be interested in whisky as an investment, again one thing we could help you on.

Anything you’re contemplating, be sure to e mail us by clicking the hyperlink below, and one in our cask professionals are going to be very happy to help.

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Offer a whisky cask

Do you have a cask that you would like to market?

Where the solitary malt whisky, Irish whiskey, or American bourbon we would end up being happy to let. You can expect cost-free valuations on all casks, so you’re able to determine what your cask is really worth. And now we’ also can give you advice on the options you have available to you personally.

We possibly may have the ability to get your cask oureselves, there and; or help you bottle they available; or, sell it so that you can the greater network of connections.

What you may require, we might end up being happy to let. E mail us by clicking the link below, and another of our own cask buyers should be in touch.

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“The one Cask was an organization specialized in providing superior quality whisky since it got supposed to be offered – straight through the cask and also in its easiest state, cask power, naturally colored and non cool blocked.”