Thematic evaluation, a strategy to discover activities within qualitative facts, is used on study

Six steps were adopted: (a) The transcripts were look over continuously in order to become knowledgeable about the info; (b) the key attributes of the information comprise displayed by generating codes; (c) proper design comprise created as well as the associated codes had been clustered; (d) the correct coordinating of possible themes pertaining to the coded components and information was inspected; (e) each theme ended up being supplied with clear definitions and labels; (f) and overview of the interrelation associated with design, research inquiries, and literature analysis had been done, and a logical report is produced.

Study Rigor

Study rigor ended up being developed by the cautious tabs on facts high quality throughout the meeting, transcription, and interpretation procedures. The transcripts comprise double-checked and confirmed from the sound tracks by translator for reliability. The standing of the study conclusions was actually achieved through peer debriefing and keeping of an audit trial (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). Extended evaluations and discussions took place personal group meetings along with authors, which aided in explanation, opinion, and verification of learn conclusions. For confidentiality, pseudonyms and signal figures were assigned to all participant-related facts.


The median person era got 18.01 age (assortment 18a€“19 age); more players stayed and their parents; five stayed in rented accommodation; not one used, and five drank alcoholic beverages; more observed Buddhism; and their average pocket money got $90.

The themes and subcategories tend to be defined in Figure – Answers are categorized into four biggest design: boys obtaining extramarital gender; wifea€™s want to understand husbanda€™s extramarital behaviors; when partner try inaccessible to spouse for sex; and very own upcoming cheating. Further subcategories were positioned when it comes to groups using the membersa€™ responses.

Figure 1. Belief of rural male adolescents regarding the intimate infidelity of males in Cambodia.

Males Soliciting Extramarital Gender

This motif pertains to the membersa€™ view concerning sex-seeking extramarital attitude among wedded males. The feasible reasons behind these types of behaviors are also described.

Positive perceptions of cheating

More than half for the individuals (n = 33) had been in favor of male infidelity and didn’t perceive it as wrong. Players considered that having sex with lots of females was not synonymous with becoming a terrible people, associating multiple sex associates with mena€™s unmanageable sexual desires. One reported:

In my opinion he can it because he simply loves it greatly. Ita€™s their irrepressible desire. But that dona€™t imply he’s a terrible guy. A good guy might have these types of needs, and is typical. (M2, 18 years)

For spouses, a€?it is actually unsafe.a€?

A total of 12 participants had restrictive perceptions on infidelity, whining that male unfaithfulness created cheating on onea€™s girlfriend and group being indecent. These members happened to be conscious unfaithfulness was a danger element for HIV indication and a cause of families conflict. These participants included that perpetrators miss value in their own group in addition to whole society. One participant said:

I dona€™t imagine ita€™s good to has extra-marital intercourse because we must always be honest to each other. Whenever a husband cheats, you have the highest chance for delivering STDs like HIV towards home, basically risky your girlfriend. Also, whenever his wife relates to know about their conduct, residential dispute will occur. Community will begin judging your badly. (M4, 19 years)

Unhappiness with recent partnership

Thirty regarding the total individuals considered the unmet desires and expectations of husbands in the relationship as a primary cause for men cheating. Guys whom often combat around the house, exactly who are lacking mental help from spouses, whose wives refuse them sex for whatever reason, or who’ve tense marriages would seek closeness and comfort outside the relationship this may likely end in extramarital connections. Twelve of players more brought up concerns regarding imperfect spouses, which they believed encourage husbands to search out extramarital associates. Imperfect girlfriend is described as somebody who remains ugly and is also overweight, impolite, has no energy on her behalf spouse caused by overwork, whoever beauty has faded following childbirth, or perhaps is ill and elderly. One noted:

The key reason is actually their wife searching unsightly as she increases earlier or following childbirth. She will n’t have plenty of time to groom herself, and sex providers have a look far more gorgeous than their partner yourself. Additionally, if onea€™s girlfriend just isn’t courteous to your, it will make your go away from the lady and search for another partner. (M32, 18 years)

Greater gender services outside

Fourteen of this complete members recognized that outsiders are more beautiful and a lot more competent regarding sexual happiness than spouses would be and this routine gender with wives may be boring. Eg, one man said,

I do believe a€?no one eats sour soups every day.a€? This simply means one usually really wants to shot new and much better soups, and exact same is for sex. Having sexual intercourse with the same wife can be so boring that a man will go together with other women to improve their preferences. (M10, 20 years)

Also, the ease of inexpensive intercourse services in the community was regarded as a perpetuating factor for infidelity. Entry to money facilitates the expansion of male sexual network with a number of lady, as reported from the participants. One demonstrated:

Since there is the availability of a much better intercourse service simply outside our door. Plus they are cheap either. We read which prices about ten bucks to $50 for intercourse and massage therapy. If it is very, subsequently exactly why would a person perhaps not go. (M9, 19 years)

Very Own Future Cheating

One matter asked about the membersa€™ possibility of and opinions on on their own looking for extramarital sex within potential marital lives. Many warranted that accepting character and culture of females produced cheating smoother. Just a few thought it something very wrong.