But she actually is an easy learner and within 7 days, she’d have picked brand new keywords from their neighbours in Roysambu.

She eventually becomes self-entitled and believes she designed Sheng. She will needless to say embarrass herself by using the wrong keywords in the process of kushema shema in her own ‘shrubbing.’ Dare you ideal this lady and she’s going to hurl insults at your that actually leave Satan with a blush.

6. Let’s discuss Sex in chapel

Cheptoo is a conservative AIC follower in Kaptoror. She decided to go to church every day until she got in Nairobi. She will quickly bring bored when she realises that the lady agemates are having more enjoyable in a church which enables them to speak about sex, brag about autos. There, she’ll soon be an usher and commence dressing in thin jeans and six-inch pumps which are a far off in comparison to the woman community Sunday most useful.

Cheptoo will endeavour and push it into any individual she meets, demanding they should fulfill this lady pastor.

She will sporadically boast just how merely wealthy men and women go directly to the alleged worship heart. This woman is therefore naive that she can’t even tell that the woman pastor, who she continuously likes to name ‘Daddy,’ is actually lusting on her behalf.

7. Kawangware are lavington

When Akinyi renders Kendu Bay, she simply wants to are now living in Nairobi, being unsure of that the urban area is actually split into western and eastern of Uhuru freeway. She basic places in Umoja in which she life together auntie as she waits getting employment or an area at a hostel. She will soon realize that this lady friends through the other side of Uhuru freeway communicate better English as well as have better chances of internet dating crammed people. She desires resemble all of them and as a consequence, she moves to Kawangware, which can be closer to Lavington. She will declare that she additionally resides in Lavington and can never ever permit you to decrease the woman room, lest you discover aside that she puts upwards in a mabati structure from the notorious Congo Slum(Kawangware).

8. Endless selfies

Whenever Halima lands from Isiolo, she probably doesn’t know how exactly to drive and will endure the initial few period juggling between matatus and boda bodas. Back in the community, the girl father drives a Probox or a worn-out pick-up, but she’d getting thus disgusted, to the stage sugar daddy websites of experiencing a heart fight, if a person driving a similar vehicle gets near the woman. She also falls the Buibui to exhibit down the woman attractive muscles. Within months of living in the metropolis, she’s going to become rotating a Range Rover, never care about that she’s nevertheless in college or university. The lady life is survive social networking in which she posts photo of the lady ‘Baby Cherie’ group of wheels.

9. mulika mwizi cell? perhaps not myself!

Lorot doesn’t also obtain a Mulika Mwizi whenever she lands in Nairobi from Turkana.

She simply desires to started to the metropolis, learn, see the lady amount and improve the woman family members’s way of life. Next she bumps into Kawira who has three phones.

She will initially purchase a Mulika Mwizi with part of their pocket-money, before she starts requiring more income from the girl moms and dads in order to get a touchscreen telephone. She takes her time before picking up this lady cellphone because she desires you to definitely listen to the girl ringtone.

10. Choking on smokes

Naeku has never tasted liquor in every the eight decades this lady has lived-in Transmara. When she very first pertains to Nairobi, she actually is started to some ‘Liquid Panty Remover’ beverage and becomes therefore squandered that she wakes upwards alongside a hairy-chested people whoever label this lady has no idea. This continues for some time and being acquired by complete strangers in clubs gets a practice. The water Panty Remover not requires the lady satisfactory, so she changes to some inexpensive vodka and whisky before she eventually updates to champagne and creamy liquor.

She also thinks that cigarette smoking are fancy, but-end up choking on a cig’s filtration. Her entry to these expensive liquors entirely relies on the guy the woman is dating. She really likes the smooth lifestyle and so she will alter males like knickers, as she just demands these to need their to the next step.