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1. The office of studies (DepEd) fears the enclosed instructions on the Transfer of students’ University documents, which creates standard processes and methodologies throughout the demand, and launch of students’ kind 137 (long lasting Record) and Form 138 (document Card) overall community facilities all over the country.

2. This rules aims to make sure the clean and productive asking for and publishing of students’ school reports without inconveniencing the learners and mothers.

3. All DepEd ordering and other associated issuances, rules and regulations, and terms, which have been inconsistent in this insurance, are generally hereby repealed, rescinded, or altered appropriately.



I. Reason

There are 2 basic university data that visually show the learner’s profile and educational and extra-curricular rankings: Form 137, referred to as lasting track record, which contains the learner’s page and historical educational record, and Form 138 your document credit which shows the scholastic overall performance of a student in a given college 12 months. DepEd Arrange No. 8, s. 2015, the Classroom evaluation rules, presented the rules in the expertise is incorporated into types 137 and 138.

Type 138 is actually given to marks 1 to 10 learners every end of the grading course while Grades 11 to 12 will receive it every conclusion term. To the end of the school spring, Form 138 is definitely a required file for a learner enroll to another location rank degree because also shows the learner’s advertising condition. Whereas, college bodies request the discharge of kind 137 of levels 1 to 12 students just who convert to some other faculty or move from elementary to alternate.

When you look at the absence of specified practices, the operation of seeking and launching of established faculty record of learners varies per university. This plan shall set up the procedures become followed through college in handling the learner’s college documentation when learners register, transport colleges, and request important files other people pertinent functions.

II. Scale associated with the Approach

The arrange is designed to establish standard processes and standards in the request also launch of learners’ build 137 (lasting capture) and Form 138 (document Card) in total schools and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Concise Explanation Of Conditions

  1. Type 137 (Permanent report) – long lasting school learner tape showing the historic educational and co-curricular report regarding the learner
  2. Version 138 (document credit) – post displaying the academic overall performance of a student in confirmed school year
  3. Obtaining University – the school requesting towards long lasting records of a moving student
  4. Originating Faculty – the institution publishing the lasting records of a transferring learner

IV. Policy Statement

The office hereby build the typical steps and standards in asking for and launching of learner’s university information. This method sticks to the DepEd’s eyesight, purpose and center standards and signs up for the theory of:

a. totally free, quality fundamental knowledge;

b. Clearness and accountability;

c. access and prompt release of learners’ university information; and

d. protection and confidentiality of students’ lists.

Specifications on Learner’s Class Record

This strategy details the standard practices inside the pass of learners’ school lists. This insurance policy details the operations in seeking the permanent university record (kind 137) for a highly effective exchange of documentation without inconveniencing the parents as well as the students.

To be sure the successful release and move of students’ class registers, below shall be discovered:

a. The shift of lists of students should be made simple and quick without encumbering the learners and adults. However, this should perhaps not jeopardize the confidentiality and security of college lists.

b. obtaining classes shall secure all long-term record (type 137) of incoming learners ahead of the end of first grading duration. For transferred-in students via school annum, pass of documentation will be secured thirty day period (30) through the first-day of class attendance.

c. Learners and/or the company’s moms and dads or guardian are certainly not permitted to hand-carry the Permanent Records (version 137) toward the receiving class.

d. In case there is unavailability of version 137 as a result of scenarios beyond our very own controls, the document on campaigns (Faculty Form 5) can be utilized as substitute, which is available at the institutions section Office (SDO).

e. The Learner records method (LIS) will probably be utilized as program from inside the need and launch of learner school lists; thus the exchange shall firmly generally be between the obtaining and coming institutes merely.

The following operations should be used to help the ask and launch system:

A. School-to-School Pass of Type 137

The bulk of deals on send of learner’s university tape typically result during enrolment duration and as soon as the best of training courses. To enable the smooth and quick shift of data, the flowchart below explains the whole process of ask and release of learners’ type 137between the obtaining school and originating faculty;